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The Swiss singer-songwriter Ramon Clau dives with his music into the depths of the seas to go ashore again with various pearls. Be it with the danceable "Dance with Me" or the thoughtful "Hurt Me" - Clau knows how to skillfully play out his complexity. Another strength of the charismatic musician are his live concerts. Within a very short time the singer can win over even a foreign audience and after a few songs they are already singing along. SRF3 listeners also enjoyed this at the "Music Summer" 2022.


Through his time in Berlin he was able to give his songwriting a further polish and fill his backpack with lots of big city impressions. This resulted in the EP "Ocean" with the matching video clip.


Now it is time for the surfing artist to strike new notes again. On the 1.12.2023 his new EP "LOVE - DANCE - FLOAT" was released.

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